Kirkley & Pakefield FC have youth teams for both boys and girls. There are numerous teams starting with the youngest U7 up to the U16 big boys/girls. You will notice they had plenty of imagination naming the teams:



  • U7: Development
  • U8: Development
  • U9: Vipers
  • U10: Pirates and Wildcats
  • U11: Panthers, Kings, and Gladiators
  • U12: Wildcats and Comets
  • U13: Vikings, Titans and Warriors
  • U14: Hurricanes, Crusaders and Royals
  • U15: Alleycats, Dragons, and Gunners
  • U16: Gunners and Aces


The Aces won the U15 Division 1 in 2013/14 without losing a single game the entire season. The won 15 games and had 1 draw gathering 46 points, 6 points more than Wavenew F.C. Tigers who finished second. They were followed by St. Benetes Wasps Amber, Great Yarmouth Town, Bungay Town, Gorleston Rangers Hawks, Sole Bay United, Caister Roma and Breydon United.

The U16 Gunners were almost as good as the Aces in 2014/15.  It’s true they didn’t win but they came close. Wavenew Cougars beat them to the top with a difference of 5 points. KDPFC Gunners were followed by Scole United, Breydon United, Golreston Rangers Falcons, Caister Roma and Beccles Town Hornets.

One year before that, the Gunners played in the U15 Division 2 but they weren’t as good, so it seems they evolved during this season. They finished in 5th place after Belton, Bohemians, Blundeston Magpies and Long Stratton in this order.  It seems that Waveney F.C. Cougars were even worse because they finished 6th followed by Scole United, Gorleston Rangers Falcons, St Benets Wasps Black and Kirkley & Pakefield Dynamos.

Kirkley and Pakefield girls team


  • U12 Girls Sapphires
  • U14 Girls Diamonds


The Diamonds played in the U12 Gold in 2013/14 but didn’t have much luck since they finished on the 5th position out of 7. They had 8 lost games during the season and only 2 wins. The remaining 2 matches were draws and the team got only 8 points. Don’t get discouraged Diamonds! There’s always next year!

It seems that the 2013/14 seasons wasn’t great for the young girls at KPFC Sapphires either. In spite of gathering 32 points, they were on the 6th position with 8 losses, 9 wins and 5 draws. The Sapphires were surpassed by Waveney F.C. Lionesses, North Walsham Angels, Horsford  Youth, Martham Girls and Sprowton Girls. Still, our Sapphire girls were ahead of Taverham Steelers, Waveney F.C. Leopards, Thorpe, Rover Youth, Firside Foxes, Taverham Bluebirds and Red Rose F.C. Not bad girls!