What’s in store for Kirkley & Pakefield FC?

After a slow start in the league, Kirkley & Pakefield must get back on its feet. The first chance they get is against Thetford Town on Tuesday, August 20, 2016. If you look at previous games you can’t really say what’s the most probable outcome: 4-4, 0-3 in favor of KPFC, 2-1 for Thetford, 4-0 for KPFC and 2-1 also for KPFC. It looks like KPFC should win this but you never know until you get out on that field, which is why we must be there for our favorite players in any way we can. It matters a lot to have people in the grandstand encouraging you to your very best. Anyone who played once in his life knows what these words mean.

Kirkley & Pakefield match

September brings some very interesting games for Kirkley & Pakefield: Saffron Walden Town on the 3rd, Fakenham Town on the 7th, FC Clacton on the 17th, Great Yarmouth Town on the 20th and Thetford Town again on the 28th of the month. If we look at the latest results, we should win against Saffron Waldon: they have 3 defeats and a draw while we have 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Following the stats, we should win against Great Yarmouth Town but things are uncertain for the games with Clacton and Fakenham.

However, nobody can say for sure what is going to happen because there are so many variables: the physical and mental state of the players, the weather conditions, the fans, the opportunities that arise during the game and so on. All things considered, we hope Kirkley & Pakefield will be able to improve its ranking until the end of September. Of course everyone is cheering for a total win but even though they don’t manage to do that, there’s still plenty of time to get a decent position.