How Likely Is Tottenham to Beat Liverpool?

The merry month of May had its fun with twists and turns worthy of Keyser Söze in the semi-finals, where Liverpool beat Barcelona and Tottenham did the same to Ajax, both after losing the first leg of the semi-finals, making anyone who missed out on the action to go camping or play a few games at the William Hill Casino very sorry indeed. Now, who will come out on top?

Past and Present

This is hardly the first clash between the Spurs and the Reds. However, this will be the first time for Liverpool to win the title, if they can get past Tottenham, that is. All matches considered, the Reds have won against the Spurs more times than they lost, in addition to more than 40 draws.

This is also not the first time the pair face off in the Premier League and, again, the Reds have the upper hand. In fact, the last couple of meetings between the two were a complete loss for Tottenham.

Trump Cards

Harry Kane might be back after a two-month break and if he’s good enough to be the captain of the national team, he’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the finals. The Spurs also boast the powerhouse that is Lucas Moura, the man that scored all three goals in the second leg of the semi-finals against Ajax.

The Reds have their own not-so-secret weapon in the form of Georginio Wijnaldum and Divock Origi, who scored two goals each against Barca. In other words, both teams are still trying to weigh their options and come up with the best strategy.

Why Is the Prediction so Difficult?

The managers have similar styles, the clubs have both had bad luck with their top stars getting injured and their gameplay is pretty similar. Further issues arise when you try and figure out who the underdog is since both teams have shown that they are more than capable of coming back from defeat.

Let us examine the rest of the League lineup, shall we? Liverpool didn’t have an easy task from the get-go, as they were in the same group as Napoli and Paris Saint-Germaine. After a few more difficulties on their path, they faced against Barcelona who almost had them eliminated completely with a 3-goal deficit. Yet, they bounced back.

On the other hand, the Spurs were also not the most fortunate. They had to go against Borussia Dortmund and Man City, only to be met and defeated by Ajax. They grasped their second chance firmly and now we have this truly unpredictable final.

If We Had to Pick…

At the end of the day, we would have to say that Liverpool has the tiniest fraction of an edge over Tottenham. The match could very well go either way, but Liverpool has managed to beat the Spurs in the last few encounters. Furthermore, Tottenham already experienced their share of the glory that comes from winning a League title, unlike Liverpool. The Reds will be especially motivated to win.

We mentioned Harry Kane as one of the Spurs’ main assets. While that truly is the case, there is still no real word on whether Kane has fully recovered from his injury and whether he would be fit to play in this match at all.