There are 4 elite teams at Kirkley & Pakefield:

  • Kirkley & Pakefield FC
  • Kirkley & Pakefield FC Reserves
  • Kirkley & Pakefield FC Academy
  • Kirkley & Pakefield FC A

They are made of the club’s best players. Let’s start with the main team.

Kirkley & Pakefield FC elite football teams

Kirkley & Pakefield FC

The team is managed by Mark Willis assisted by Ross King. There are 3 goalkeepers to choose from: Elliot Reynolds, Aland Anderson and Luis Tibbles. There are 6 defenders (Jack Herbert, Tarrent Grint, Lewis Flower, Ben George, Jack Jenner, bailey Jenner) and 6 midfielders (Jordan Haverson, Miguel Lopez, Cameron Brooks, Liam Pickess, Jack Smith, Tom Cole). Most goals are scored by the 3 attackers of the team: Ross Gilfedder, Michael Tacon, and Kaiden Goldsping.

The team plays in the Premier Division and had some fluctuating results. They finished 12th in 2013/14, 4th in 2014/15 and 5th in 2015/16. As for the current season, so far they had only 3 wins, they lost 7 games and 3 more resulted in draws. Maybe September will bring more luck to these guys.


Kirkley & Pakefield FC Reserves

This team is managed by James Hutchinson assisted by Ben Atkins and Mick Tacon. Sponsored by Laserway and Beauty Bay, the Reserves team didn’t do bad in the last seasons. They play in Premier Division, they finished 5th in 2013/14 and 7th in 2015/16 but they didn’t manage to get past the 14th position in 2014/15. Don’t worry guy, maybe odd numbers are the lucky ones for you.


Kirkley & Pakefield FC Academy

Matty Barbrook is the manager of the team while Ady Sannerude and Sam Atkins are assistant coaches. In 2014/15, the team played in the East Division and finished 6th. We can’t find any more information about the results of the team in the latest seasons on their official website, but we know the team is sponsored by Graphic Solution.


Kirkley & Pakefield FC A

The team is sponsored by Hubble and managed by Matt Lay with the assistance of Brian David and Robert Moore. The team plays in Division 1 finishing 8th in 2013/14 and 9th in 2015/16. No information is given to us about the 2014/15 and current season results. Nonetheless, our heart is with the Royals no matter where they play. We do know that since January to March 2016, the team won 2 matches against Kirkley & Pakefield B and Factory Arms. In the match against AC Mill Lane no team managed to score. The remaining 5 games of this period were unfortunately lost by our favorites in front of Spexhall, Barsham, Spexhall again, Norton Athletic and Carlton Rangers.