Betting on swimming – a quick guide

You are person that prefers the blue of water over the green of the pitch? Can’t wait for the Olympics to watch the best swimmers go head to head in thrilling races decided with milliseconds of difference. Then why not bring even more fun to the sport you love and spice it up with a small bet?

Betting on swimming and your favourite swimmers doesn’t have to be based solely on luck like playing the lottery, even when you play with a voucher code from LottoGo. A few tips and tricks can bring you a long way in maximizing your profit.

The competitions

The major competitions that every serious bookmaker offers for your wagers are definitely the LEN European Aquatics Championships, the FINA World Aquatics Championships, and the Olympics. The European and World championships are both held biannually, rounding up the best swimmers in their short- or long-stretch disciplines. Certainly the most interesting event are the Summer Olympics that have 17 disciplines for men and women each, offering the widest variety of betting possibilities. The first piece of advice is that you wait for one of these championships because the best swimmers bring out the big guns for them, often sacrificing some of the smaller tournaments while polishing their form.

What can you bet on

When it comes to betting on swimming, the most obvious bet that you can make is the winner of the race. However, the odds for favourites are often very low, so players with more experience tend to avoid these and look for more value. What can be more attractive is betting whether a swimmer can make it to the first three, which is especially valuable if you like following upcoming stars who you think will explode at a certain tournament. Speaking of first three, if you like long-term bets, you can always predict the medalists of the entire championship in a certain discipline or predict who will have the fastest swim of the entire tournament. If you really like to get into the meat of it, then you can bet on some special offers like who will set a personal or world record or the number of victories or medals a swimmer will win.

Tips for betting on swimming

First and foremost, gather all the data that you can on the swimmers competing on the tournament. If a swimmer is young and perspective, the first major competition he swims in is an ideal change for him/her to shine. Also, if a legendary swimmer lacks an Olympic medal and is competing in his/her final Olympics, the odds are he/she will do their best to make their dream come true. In this time of easily accessible data, there is no excuse of not knowing info on an athlete, especially since social media offer us a glimpse into their personal lives. Of course, there is a host of statistical websites that can inform your bet in the best possible way.


Be as it may, don’t forget to bet responsibly and view betting as a fun activity, not a source of profit.