Why betting locally is a good idea

Football and betting go together in this dry spell after the World Cup, giving an additional twist to football games if you miss the excitement of top-class football. We’re not talking about people still thinking they can make a living from it, but those who want to spice up their matches with a small bet. When it comes to bets, you might need a hand like this welcome offer from Unibet to get a sign-up bonus and get the action going on the right track.

However, when it comes to betting, the most certain bets are the ones made on the big and well-known teams, right? You know all about the players, the team shape, and ambitions, and there are loads of reviews to read online. Smaller and local teams competing in lower leagues are too unpredictable and unknown. Nevertheless, here are some reasons why you might consider switching to local teams to get better chances of winning.

Bookmakers need to get it right in the big leagues

You see more and more bookmakers appearing as sponsors to big football teams. This means that the bookmakers have a business interest in this team, including more detailed information on the shape of the players and the inside workings of the team. They often manipulate the odds and offer bonuses to make you think that a certain team would win easily even when they know it will not, thus maximizing your loss and their profit. Conversely, this rarely happens in the lower leagues since the interest of the big businesses is much lower.

Smaller teams = inside info

With the smaller and little-known teams, the chances of bookmakers getting the odds wrong are much higher. If it’s your local team you’re following, you can get all kinds of insider information that you can use to make an informed bet. For example, your team is playing a pre-season friendly and your local sports website announced that your team would be playing with nine players from the youth team but the odds are still good. The bookies probably didn’t do their homework and lower the odds so this is where you can snag a pretty penny (if you don’t mind betting against your team).

Seeing the match live

One of the best ways to get to know the team you’re betting on is to see them play live in a stadium. It gives you more insight into the quality of the players and the atmosphere on the bench. Furthermore, with fantastic live betting offers of online bookmakers, you can make very educated guesses during the match and place live bets via a mobile device.

Just imagine the possibilities!