Best football goals ever in history

World class football has its fair share of glory moments that make you think “no way he scored that goal.” Such amazing strikes inspired amateurs to go pro and young talents to have something to look forward to. As for people who just enjoy watching football instead of playing it, they are very happy to cheer and bet online taking advantage of offers like this Pinnacle promotion code.

Messi: Barcelona – Getafe 2007

It should come as no surprise that the most spectacular goal ever came from Lionel Messi. The star tackled an adversary, recovered the ball and engaged in an insane sprint. In seconds he singlehandedly got past the defense line of Getafe, the goalkeeper comes toward him in an attempt to prevent a strike but Messi beautifully sends the ball into the net.

Maradona: Argentina-England 1986

Messi’s goal is very similar to what Maradona achieved 20 years earlier. The Argentinian genius picks up the ball in his own half of field, goes past 4 players plus the goalkeeper and scores. The finishing touch was not as spectacular as Messi’s though, even though the result was the same. That year, Argentina won the tournament and Maradona was named the best player.

Ibrahimovich: Ajax-Nac Breda 2004

This goal is not amazing through speed, but through the skills of Zlatan Ibrahimovich who managed to evade 5 tackles through twists, turns and dummies. His skills to control the ball made this shot one of the best in the history of football, in spite of not being as fast paced as the earlier two.

Roberto Carlos: Brazil-France 1997

The free kick Roberto Carlos executed in 1997 against France is an iconic symbol of Brazilian soccer. He scored a flawless goal from a high distance. The ball simply went around the opponents leaving the French goalkeeper, Fabian Barthez, perplexed. He didn’t even try to make a move to prevent the ball from getting inside the net because after he realized what happened, the ball was already in. That’s how fast everything went down. Roberto Carlos executed several other great goals, one of which was an impossible kick from extremely narrow angles that somehow ended up in the opposing net.

Marco Van Basten: Soviet Union-Netherlands 1988

In the 54th minute of the game, this Dutch legend managed to score a goal after executing a skillful looped volley from a very difficult angle. The precision of the strike determined even the Germans to stand up and applaud. That year, the Netherlands won the final and Marco Van Basten was the top scorer of the tournament.

After all these years, these shots still amaze the entire world. Let’s just be thankful video cameras existed back then to record these moments into posterity.